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Holo Technologies Inc., specialized in hologram engineering and related manufacturing, was founded in 1992, headquarter in Taiwan. The company expanded its production line to Shanghai in 2003, and founded Shanghai Guan Wen Specialized Printing Ltd to better serve business demand. We expanded our R&D department in the same year as well, and have leaded us to stay competitive on cutting edge printing technologies. With constant development and improvement on our holograhic anti counterfeit technologies over the years including micro text, optical variable ink, infra-red and etc., we have been able to produce precise registered color print with all types of holographic image or text. The company is equipped with the most innovated technologies, allowing us to print registered color printing precisely with hologram effect, Nano image and text on special materials, presenting unique effect on all types of hologram labels. This innovative technology has makes our products irreplaceable or even impossible to duplicate, enabling Holo Technologies Inc. to stay ahead in the industry for years.
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