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 Colored 3D Sculptured Effect This is the newest technology researched and developed by Holo Technologies Inc. What makes this latest technology unique is that we could produce customized picture and word, presenting them in 3D sculptured effect perfectly on a flat surface while adding color to effect could present different style and features. This pioneer sculptured effect has high difficulty to duplicate and processing procedure that can’t be imitate plus Holo Technologies Inc. decades of experience with precise registered color printing has invented another type of anti-counterfeit technology that could be distinguish visually without equipment for the consumers. Also, the effect could enhance the appearance of the current packaging of any kind in the market. Majority of businesses wish their products packaging to have elegant appearance, ability to attract consumers, prevent counterfeit from duplicating and more versatile packaging. The diversity of 3D sculptured effect, eye catching visual effect and effective anti-counterfeit function definitely could fulfill the needs and requirements of all fields.

Holoprinting Effect and Technology

Colored Metallic Design Effect

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